Non Surgical Rhinoplasty


If you have thought of reshaping your nose but are afraid of undergoing surgery, then the non-surgical rhinoplasty suits you perfectly. This non-surgical nose job pertains to reshaping of the nose without any surgical means of changing the shape and structure of your nose and can be performed in the out-patient settings sans the application of general anesthesia. Instead of removing a bump with the use of osteotome (medical term for chisel), copper hammer, rasps for filing and scalpels, a surgeon would use an injectable filler to even the bump out. This procedure is also called filler rhinoplasty and is done through the injection of facial filler to fill dents, even out and alter sharp angle of the tip of the nose to restore facial symmetry and making your nose look smaller and more appealing. One of the US state who has the largest community of expert in non surgical nose job is North Carolina. You will find contact and ratings of rhinoplasty specialists in North carolina. Visite this website and get in touch with RHINOplasty SuRgEOns in Raleigh or rhinOPLasty in ChArLoTte nc

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As you have finally decided to undergo filler nose job, the surgeon evaluates your goals as well as your medical history and decides on the type of filler that will be used based on the information that you have provided. That is why it is important to give as much information as you can give especially on the medications that you are taking prior to the procedure according to Ryan Monahan.

It is also important to take note that non-surgical rhinoplasty certainly has limitations as it is applicable only to minor alterations and the results are not permanent, it costs much lower than full plastic surgery of the nose and can be done in minimal time (as fast as 15 minutes). Downtime or recovery time as well as risk is also minimal.
Another non-surgical option is using flexible nose inserts. Some people place the nose inserts in the nostril area between the nose tip and back of the nose However, this nose inserts reshape one’s nose only while it is worn. Fillers can also be used for other procedures like penis enlargement surgery.